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Aqua Spa International Group
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Aqua Spa Siglo 21, S.A. DE C.V.
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14420 México, D.F.



Aqua Spa's Avant Garde design and technology offer the most modern and ergonomic hidro-massage bathtubs.


A new meaning in personal care, these Spas will offer the ultimate experience in relaxation and well being.


Well being, beauty and harmony along personal care. These therapies will help you atone your mind, body and spirit.

Bicentenary Bathtub

Modern, elegant, ample and simply beautiful, this bathtub is specially designed to please your senses and aesthetic perception.
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Edition 01-01

Angular bathtub created not only for a bath, but also to give a touch of modernity and beauty to that special corner in your home.
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Dubai Spa

Ample Spa designed for those moments with family and friends, or all by yourself, enjoying its space as you relax after a hard day.
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